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My Story. Part 2: "Would You Risk It?"

We had some very interesting poll results last week...

I actually think, both groups have a point...

If you follow your dream, it can actually come true, you will be doing what you love and sooner or later money will follow, but...

It might take a long time. During this time you might feel emotionally and financially  insecure, doubt your choice and wonder if you should abandon this crazy idea..

You will hear 'No' many times. Dealing with rejection can be tough, especially if it concerns your Big Dream or The Project of you life.

You will meet new wonderful people who will support you. But some of your friends and even family might not understand your choice, be jealous and even sabotage your growth.

You might be able to achieve wonderful things, but you might also loose comfort, security and people who are with you now.

Would you risk it?

Well I took the risk... (to be continued)

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