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Students' Testimonials

Elena Shifrina

Natalia is a very professional, dedicated and gifted teacher. Apart from all the technical aspects of singing, she also looks at breathing, diction, and the impersonation/acting part. I have struggled to find a singing teacher who would be able to develop both technical skills as well as all the other aspects of singing, and Natalia has been a perfect match for what I was looking for. Natalia also has plenty of singing and performance experience herself so it is wonderful to have a source of that experience share it generously with her students.

Anna Rotenko

Natalia possesses an amazing operatic soprano voice. She isn’t just a singer, she is a real artist. Besides that, Natalia is a wonderful teacher. My daughter has been taking lessons from her for the past 3 years and we are very happy with the progress along with new abilities and skills gained at Natalia’s lessons. The child likes the lessons very much. Natalia regularly organises student concerts. She advances her students by entering them in various contests and competitions, where they regularly win prizes. Also, her students constantly take part in different public events. I strongly recommend Natalia, a singer, a teacher and a vocal artist.

Kira Kless

Natalia is an attentive, caring, professional voice teacher and mentor, whose love for singing and music, as well as for her students, is truly inspiring. Natalia is a singing teacher of my two children, both of whom have made substantial progress and have become keen singers. Natalia genuinely believes in her students' abilities and the results of her work and mentorship are very tangible. It is a privilege to be taught by a musician of Natalia's calibre.

Larisa Flowers

Natashas teaching has given me a lot of joy. From a low base my signing has improved dramatically. The lessons are challenging and exciting! All my classes have been over Zoom which given me the opportunity to engage such an expert teacher! Thank you Natasha for enriching my life. 

Olga Shchepotkina

Natalia is a great singing teacher who constantly teaches useful techniques to her students. She is aware of each student’s level in order to work on what needs the most attention. She gives good advice not only on actual singing, but also on performing and helps her students feel comfortable on stage.

Valerie Broustinov

Natalia is very professional and knowledgeable singing teacher and a wonderful singer! She is teaching both of my daughters for a few years already and I couldn’t be happier about their progress. I always recommend Natalia to everyone!

Priscilla Pascalis

My daughter has been attending lessons with Natalia for more than 2 years. Natalia is a wonderful and inspiring teacher, she has developed my daughter's confidence and love for music through singing. Highly recommended.

Kate Chushenko

Natalia truly is wonderful teacher,
I came to her with no confidence and knowledge about singing, I started having weekly lessons with her. my skills and confidence have improved, she cares deeply about her students, trying to find personal way for everyone, Every lesson is fun, and I come out feeling happier and more open even if I entered the lesson exhausted. She gave me interesting techniques that I using every day. Thank you Natasha for your attention, confidence and professionalism.

Maya Ibragimova

Natalia is very supportive, intuitive, attentive and thorough teacher- rare balance of qualities; much organised and very responsive. I am very lucky, grateful for having such a beautiful, successful Diva as my singing teacher in a close proximity. Thank you Natalia!

Dmitry Kotleev

She is the best vocal teacher I know. I recommend her to my friends. She is a professional with a great personality who mastered vocal techniques and knows how to pass this knowledge to her students. Great experience!

Elena Maltseva

Great teacher with a personal approach! Natalia is always listening carefully and helping work through all my concerns. I’m glad I met her! Thank you!

Irina Radzievskaia

Our two daughters have been taking singing classes with Natalia for 4 years. She is a passionate and very professional singing teacher in the way how she teaches and communicates with children. Natalia has an amazing ability to see which type of song suits a particular child, their vocal ability and which song can reveal the child's personal strengths. She also encourages children to express their own ideas about songs and how to perform them.

Eddie Tsyrlin

I am an adult without a voice and the sense of pitch (or so I thought) and decided to take singing lessons on impulse. Natalia lessons on zoom have been keeping me sane through the Melbourne lock downs and singing is beginning to emerge from the show cubicle into the wider world. If you think you can't sing, you must take Natalia's classes and see for yourself.

Natalya Solomina

Natalia is a truly wonderful teacher, very enthusiastic and caring. My daughter loves singing lessons with her. I am very happy about the progress. It's a big pleasure to go to the student conserts during the year (or watch online during the lockdown). Highly recommended.


Very professional and flexible  approach to teaching. Natalia is passionate about her students' success!

Marina Lundgren

Very professional teacher and passionate about teaching and art in general!


Very professional and wonderful teacher! I recommend you to everybody.

Anna Alekseeva

I am Natalia's student for 1+ year and I have a real progress! I highly recommend Natalia for learning to sing!

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