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New video: Modest Mussorgsky “A Soul Was Flying Quietly”

Modest Mussorgsky (1839 –1881) “A Soul Was Flying Quietly” (“Горними тихо летела душа небесами”) Natalia Melnik (soprano) Dr. Eun-Jung Byun (piano)

from the recital program “Made in Heaven”, St.Stephen's Uniting Church, Sydney 12th of August 2022

Poem Translation: A soul was flying quietly in the skies above the mountains, With her eyelashes lowered down in sadness, Tears were falling from her eyelashes into the space like stars. Stars passing by asked her quietly: "Why are you so sad? And why are these tears in your gaze?" She answered them: “I have not forgotten the Earth; I have left lots of suffering and sorrow below there. Up here I only perceive images of pleasure and joy, The righteous souls know neither sorrow nor anger. Oh, Creator, let me go back to the Earth so that I would have someone to compassionately comfort."

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