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Why keep singing? (Part 1)

About two years ago, I started asking myself: Why keep singing? At the beginning of my career, I felt so excited to be on stage in a big and beautiful dress and sing the best I could. Now I understand that it simply helped me feel better about myself (Continued in carousel)

Later on, I was keen to further develop my technique, perform the most challenging arias possible, get to perform more and at bigger events. I was constantly trying to prove myself, to feel more worthy.

But at some point in life, it all does not matter anymore. I got to wear lots and lots of pretty dresses over these years. I can always get myself more. But it is not about the dresses.

I performed in beautiful halls. If I sing in one more, what will it fundamentally change for my listeners and me? I sang some of the most difficult arias, and I know I can learn more.

I did not feel the need to prove myself to anyone anymore, which is a good thing. But because of that, I was facing the question: Why keep singing?..

Have you ever felt this way about your life? (read part 2 in the following post)

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