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Why keep singing? (Part 2)

I have always loved singing. Making music with my colleagues always made me so happy. And I believed that my purpose was to create beauty with my voice.

But during the past few years, I found more purposes in life.

I have built a full-time teaching practice, and it feels incredibly rewarding to see my students constantly improving.

I have started the Russian for Singers project that is helping singers worldwide to learn Russian repertoire.

I am in the final stage of my Doctorate at the Sydney Conservatorium.

If before singing was the one and only purpose, now I have many, all of them - greatly rewarding, but taking a lot of my time, attention and energy.

At the same time, I am a solo mum of two children. Raising kids is an important purpose in itself. But it is also a huge responsibility. It is a lot of hard work that cannot wait, a 24 x 7 job with no holidays.

Classical singing requires hours of regular practice. But where do I find these spare hours?

So, I had to ask myself: Can I make it all work? Or should I focus on other, more urgent, more important, more practical things than my singing?

Are all these hours of practice really worth the result? There are thousands of other singers performing the same arias and art songs.

What impact can I create with my versions of these songs?

(read part 3 in the following post)

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